New way to train dynamic shooting

MSTS stands for Mobile Shooting Training System. Key concepts behind this system are:

  1. Speed – show and hide targets in 1 second!
  2. Light – modules weight is below 6kg!
  3. Control – application running on your phone or tablet. There is automatic and manual mode – and we are working on two more modes.
  4. Flexibility – you can buy more modules later. When you turn them on they are automatically connected to mTargets network and ready to use.
  5. Constant updates of application. We are listening to our users and adding requested functionalities.

Take your active target with you anywhere you want.

Define the training or generate one using our mobile application.

You bought / borrowed more modules? Great! Turn them on, search for them in application and HAVE FUN!

If you are looking for something:

  • modular
  • portable
  • light
  • easy to use
  • application based (currently android devices)
  • extraordinary and cool

Solution to train at:

  • home
  • outdoor
  • shooting range

and you use / you are fan of

  • gun
  • rifle
  • ASG
  • Paintball
  • black powder shooting

this is the right place!

Stay tuned!