MSTS application help

Below you can find an information about mobile application features. Please bare in mind that functionality is still developed to provide better and more intuitive experience.

System gives you ability to define shooting training. You have different type of modules. Each of them is able to be set in “FRIEND” (green) state, “ENEMY” (red) state and “NEUTRAL” (white) state.

Core functionality

SCAN – when you turn on all the modules and connection indicators show that they are online – use this buton to scan for modules and show them in application. Sample screen after scan looks like below.

By clicking given module icon you are able to enable indication action. For targets it will move. This is used to be sure – which module is which one.

Types of modules

rotating target

pyrotechnic target – it can initialize smoke flare or other types of fireworks.

MESH – described as a separated functionality

OPTIONS – access to training options – see further

HIDE – when you have a training definitione in place – use this button to hide targets – switch them into “NEUTRAL” mode.

START – when you are ready for the training – start it. You will hear sound indicator that system is running.

STOP – in case if needed – you can stop the training, do what is needed, reset system, change its definition, and start again.

SHOW – when training is done – you can show targets. This operation will switch modules to “ENEMY” state. Thanks to that you can see your results.

Training definition

Each module in given second can be in particular state:

  1. “FRIEND” (green) state
  2. “ENEMY” (red) state
  3. “NEUTRAL” (white) state

to define state plese press given cell. It will switch between states after each click. If given state is in multiple cells one after another it means it will last longet ti give you more time to react. The shorter stage of the training is – the harder will be to react properly 🙂

Sample training can look like below.

When you are ready and press “START” button – training will look like below.

You can see that it is 8th second of the training (dark gray indicator).


For the training there are couple options available which may be helpful for you.

You are able to generate training definition randomly. It will give you more fun and reality as you will not know what exactly to expect.

By providing amount of ammunition you will be sure that “ENEMY” will appear exactly given amount of time. Use “+” and “-“ buttons.

You can choose one of levels for training definition- EASY, MEDIUM, HARD. Each time you select given level – training will be redefined.

If you want to clear timeline and define it by yourself – use CLEAR button.


If you would like to test application without having modules – use DEMO button. It will load sample configuration into application so you can see how it is working.

HELP – it will redirect you to this page

ABOUT – it will redirect you to page with system information


If you would like to have controll over modules which can’t be defined in timeline – this is perfect place for you. As soon as you scanned system for modules and move to MESH mode – you should see something like below.

By using drag and drop you can define “map” like UI with modules location. Result may look like below.

By using buttons you can switch state of given module. ENEMY mode is enabled by red button, FRIEND mode is enabled by green button.